What you'll need:

  • A SmartRecruiters Admin Account
  • A SmartRecruiters paid plan
  • An API Key
  • 2 minutes of your time
  • A Joonko account

Integrate with SmartRecruiters (4 steps)

In order to integrate Joonko and SmartRecruiters, you'll need to have an Admin Account and a paid plan (e.g. Corporate or Global)

To create an API key: 

  1. In your SmartRecruiters account go to Settings/Admin.

   2. Select API/Integrations tab.

  3. Copy your SmartRecruiters API key.

In order to complete the integration:
  4. Paste the API Key from your SmartRecruiters in your Joonko account and click "next".

That’s it!

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